Revolutionize your SWIFT message STP rate to adopt SWIFTgpi

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The FIN-STAT is a full fledge straight through processing SWIFT message handling platform that will undertake all back office processes required to settle the beneficiary account same day. FIN-STAT enables financial institutions achieve an unprecedented STP experience that will empower the banking industry to easily comply with SWIFT gpi without having to alter existing systems. FIN-STAT will provide clients the cutting-edge advantage to grow their cross border payments by being the fastest and most efficient in same day availability of funds to their customers and finally achieve real time payments.


Fin-Stat allows clients to achieve the maximum return on their investment. Our Customers have been able to eliminate many of the hidden costs of operations while maximizing their profit on every financial transaction. Fin-Stat was designed to plug into the back office operations within financial institutions to provide optimum efficiency and create a straight through processing (STP) environment, enabling financial institutions to grow the business and achieve unrivaled customer satisfaction. Our goal is to empower our clients so they can empower theirs.”  

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