Real-Time Archiving & Regulatory Reporting

FINSTAT stores and retains your entire message history in real-time ensuring access to every SWIFT or ACH message received or sent. The Powerful Search Engine is supported by world-class technology that facilitates complex searches.


Correspondent Fee’s Calculation

Monitor and control correspondent agreements and automatically calculate charges and fees.


Claims Management

Generate STP claims automatically, collect fees and charges for non-compliant messages.


Automatic Message Matching

Pair and Match different types of SWIFT messages to facilitate and control movement of funds.


Message Mapping & Posting

Provides a wide range of statistical & analytical reports allowing insights to business operations and workflows.


Internal Alerts & External Notifications

Report SWIFT messages to departments in real-time and send automatic notifications to customers


GPI Message Monitoring & Generation

Monitor gpi SWIFT messages plus automatically enrich and generate gpi SWIFT messages to avoid any alterations on legacy systems that will rise from SWIFT changes.